In the Studio

There was a time, not long ago, when listeners could catch a Slice of Bree every morning on the GaydarRadio breakfast show with Neil and Debbie. Well, guess what? It’s all on video!

Oh Bye Bree!

Aw Hi Bree is leaving GaydarRadio to return to Oz, so Neil, Debbie, Producer Robin, the Legend Le Vans, Phil Double-R-Double-T and Quentin the Pocket-Sized Engineer give her a send-off she’ll always treasure – a dance to Madonna’s ‘Jump’, which made it to the number 1 spot in Bree’s GaydarRadio Top Ten. She explains why in the video!


That’s a Secret I’ll Never Tell, XOXO

As GaydarRadio’s Debbie and Oh Hi Bree chat about the events of the week’s Gossip Girl involving Blair’s loveless, superficial marriage to a Prince, they’re reminded of some real-life famous couples.

But, as Gossip Girl herself would say, “And who are they? That’s a secret we’ll never tell”. XOXO.


The Oscars

GaydarRadio’s Oh Hi Bree and Debbie can’t wait to see what’s going to go down on the red carpet at the Oscars. Will the fashion police be called? Will Sacha Baron Cohen show up?


L.U.V. Madonna!

GaydarRadio’s Debbie and Neil follow Oh Hi Bree’s shock announcement with a discussion of Madonna’s phenomenal performance at the Superbowl. The verdict? L.U.V. Madonna!


Happy Australia Day!

GaydarRadio’s Oh hi Bree and Debbie celebrate Australia Day by giving themselves matching Aussie flag tattoos.


Madonna the Dykon

GaydarRadio’s Debbie and Aw Hi Bree talk (yet again) about how she’s the type of woman who’d turn gay men straight and straight women gay.


Best of British

From Julie to Geri, GaydarRadio’s Neil, Debbie and Bree go through the Best of British looks for Manchester Pride.

See more of Bree’s In the Studio videos at

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