Seinfeld Unsolved


Seinfeld was the master of its domain when it came to presenting and solving mundane mysteries. As it turned out, Jerry wasn’t invited to Tim Whatley’s party, George’s LeBaron convertible wasn’t previously owned by John Voight the actor, the creepy guy from the Subway made the Elaine mannequin and it was McDowell who spat on Kramer and Newman.

However, there were a few mysteries that remained unsolved …

1. Why didn’t Audrey taste the pie?

As Jerry summarised – ‘that’s one for the ages.’ Was she full? No. Was she averse to pastry? No. Did she witness something unhygienic going on at the coffee shop? She couldn’t have. Kramer later saw her eating the very same pie in the very same coffee shop. However, the fact that Audrey acted a little defensive when probed meant something was off that day she didn’t taste the pie. To quote Jerry, ‘why can’t we know?’

Possible explanation

Maybe she didn’t want to eat from the same fork as Jerry. The other explanation is that perhaps she really was a ‘psycho.’ According to the woman Jerry spoke to at the coffee shop, you’d have to be to refuse a bite of your friend’s pie without an explanation. I’d love to know other people’s theories!

2. Why did Christie always wear the same dress?

In the episode ‘The Seven’, Jerry was perplexed because the woman he was dating wore the same black and white scoop necked dress every time he saw her.

Possible explanation

Okay, sometimes when you’re onto a good thing fashionwise, you stick with it. In 1999, I wore a pair of denim pedal pushers every day like they were going out of fashion. Oh, wait …

I got away with getting a few wears out of my pedal pushers before they needed a wash, but because Christie’s dress would require a wash after each wear, I believe that she had a few of those dresses hanging up in her closet.

3. Did Ray steal the statue?

In the episode ‘The Statue,’ Ray cleaned Jerry’s apartment, and then Jerry spotted the very same statue he had in his apartment on Ray and Rava’s mantle. This caused a huge argument between Elaine and Rava about the suspicious coincidence. This included a debate about whether there are such things as big coincidences and small coincidences, or are there just coincidences?

Possible explanation

Ray probably did steal the statue, even though it’s a bizarre item to take. The other possible explanation is that Kramer took the stature after losing it to George in a game of Inka- dink, but this is unlikely considering that Kramer, unlike George, wasn’t really a liar.

4. What happened to Elaine’s Billy Mumphrey manuscript?

Yeah, what the hell happened to it? In the episode ‘The Doodle,’ Kramer said he left it on the coffee table after leaving Jerry’s fumigated apartment, but all Elaine came up with were Chunky wrappers and, as far as we know, the manuscript never resurfaced.

Possible explanation

Maybe the toxic gas had gotten to Kramer’s head and he accidentally threw the manuscript out the window or something.

5. How did George spot that dime from across the room?

In the episode ‘The Glasses,’ George – not wearing his glasses – mistook an onion for an apple and incorrectly thought Jerry’s girlfriend Amy was kissing cousin Jeffrey. So how did he see the dime on the floor of Jerry’s apartment?

Possible explanation

George planted the dime so Jerry wouldn’t lose faith in the power of his squinting abilities.